Train like an astronaut and travel to space

The Space Nation Astronaut Program starts worldwide in 2017. Anyone can become an astronaut and travel to space.

Take part in real world adventures through a mobile app and climb up the leaderboard. In order to collect points, you need to perform challenges that develop your physical, intellectual and social skills. The best candidates from the app enter a filmed astronaut training competition and every year we select at least one to travel to space!

Space Nation makes the universal dream of space travel
a possibility for everyone.

Find out how you can train like an astronaut in our Astronaut Program Manual.

The manual has been optimized for viewing on a smartphone.

Open manual (pdf)

Media material and downloadables

For interviews and enquiries contact:
Ms. Annette Kauppinen -

Cohu Experience

Cohu Experience is a Finnish space media company offering concrete ways for everyone to participate in the new space era. Cohu's main project is the Space Nation Astronaut Program to be launched in 2017

Axiom Space LLC

Axiom Space is a US based company commercializing space. Axiom is building the world's first private commercial space station. The company will begin providing flight opportunities to space in late 2019 for both tourists and longer duration astronauts.

Axiom Space trains and launches the Space Nation astronauts for their experience on board the ISS and the Axiom Module.

Edge of Space

Edge of Space, Inc. is a "New Space" company committed to making the adventure and excitement of space flight and space science available and affordable to all – from teachers and students, to space enthusiasts, to nonprofit organizations and museums, to entrepreneurs and innovative startups.

Edge of Space has helped Space Nation create new ways to connect audiences with space science and experiences, including sending payloads to space.

Fun Academy

Fun Academy is a Finnish education company working on Fun Learning solutions.