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Forbes listed Cohu Experience Ltd (Space Nation) as the No. 1 of Ten European Growth Businesses To Watch In 2017.

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April 16, 2017

Space Nation gets an “office space” on the International Space Station

The Finnish space media start-up Space Nation has bought its own space on the International Space Station...
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by Space Nation

April 16, 2017

Pioneer of Space Travel joins the United Nation’s World Tourism organisation

The space travel company Space Nation becomes the first space tourism company to become an affiliate member of the United Nation’s World Tourism Organization UNWTO...
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by Space Nation

Who we are

The space media company Space Nation (Cohu Experience Ltd.) rose to the forefront of the global space boom by announcing the launch of the Space Nation Astronaut Program accessible to all. Our headquarters are in Helsinki, Finland, but our team spans from Helsinki to Madrid, Washington DC, New York, Florida, Houston, Denver and San Francisco.

Cohu Experience has built a strong network of leading space industry corporations as well as compiled an impressive advisory board including Michael Suffredini (former ISS director), John Barbera (formerly Turner Broadcasting), Michael D.Johnsson (Nanoracks, LLC.) and Peter Vesterbacka (Rovio Entertainment: Angry Birds).

The Space Nation Astronaut Program starts worldwide in 2017.

Space Nation Vision: Humanity 3.0

We have always explored, pioneered,
Broken boundaries.
We’ve challenged what we thought impossible
Simplified the most complex
Liberated for everyone, what was in the hands of the few.
It’s in our nature.
How we evolve, why we challenge
What takes us, forward.
Today we stand at the next chapter of this adventure
This human journey of exploration and progress.
You see, our world was only ever the beginning.
This beautiful planet, our Earth
Was just our training ground.
For what’s next.
What’s next is a nation of space citizens
And until now this has been kept for the real of an elite
At Space Nation we are liberating space discovery, education and wellness
And building a new borderless global community
By unleashing our brilliant undiscovered capabilities
So we can protect this planet, by looking beyond it
And prepare for the next chapter
Because what’s next is for everyone
And what’s next, is now.


Axiom Space LLC

Axiom Space is a US based company commercializing space. Axiom is building the world's first private commercial space station. The company will begin providing flight opportunities to space in late 2019 for both tourists and longer duration astronauts.

Axiom Space trains and launches the Space Nation astronauts for their experience on board the ISS and the Axiom Module.

Edge of Space

Edge of Space, Inc. is a "New Space" company committed to making the adventure and excitement of space flight and space science available and affordable to all – from teachers and students, to space enthusiasts, to nonprofit organizations and museums, to entrepreneurs and innovative startups.

Edge of Space has helped Space Nation create new ways to connect audiences with space science and experiences, including sending payloads to space.

Fun Academy

Fun Academy is a Finnish education company working on Fun Learning solutions.

Space Nation

Our passionate and international Space Nation Crew is built of talented and experienced storytellers, game-makers and phenomenon-builders.

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