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Join the Space Nation Astronaut Program for free! Educate, train and challenge yourself with us. Discover that you have what it takes to be a Space Nation astronaut.

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The Space Nation Astronaut Program starts worldwide by the end of year 2017. The program is free of charge and accessible to all.
All you need is a smart phone.

Be part of the Space Nation experience. Take part in real world adventures through a smart phone app and climb up the leaderboard – or support your favourite candidate. The best performing participants will be selected for the final contest and the winner gets to travel to space… for real.

Join us and experience an adventure of a lifetime!

Media material and downloadables

For more information and interview coordination, please contact

Salla Hänninen, PR & Communications Manager
salla@spacenation.org, +358 45 6040830

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Want to be part of the Space Nation Crew?

Feel like reaching for the stars? The Space Nation Crew is constantly looking for experienced, visionary phenomenon creators and community builders. jobs@spacenation.org